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About The Firm

Hello, my name is Patrick Haselhurst, solicitor and principal of Haven Lawyers. My firm provides affordable legal services, in a convenient, friendly and commercial way. I take a personal interest in understanding the circumstances and needs of my clients. I empathise with people facing legal problems and the satisfaction of helping people succeed is one of the main rewards of my work.

We specialise in the following areas of practice:

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Haven Lawyers provides legal expertise from the comfort of your own home - WITHOUT the expensive overheads of an ordinary law firm, and we won't try to sell you services you don't need. We can resolve your legal questions QUICKLY & CONVENIENTLY for a FIXED LOW PRICE.


ACT NOW - Early advice can make ALL the difference.

Family Law

Are you considering divorce but concerned about the legal consequences? I can show you how this will affect you and your family, both financially and with regard to custody and access to your children.

Employment Law

Whether you are having issues with your employer, OR you’re an employer having issues with your staff, I can advise how to protect your interests and achieve an optimal resolution of your problem.

Business Law

I can provide thorough and commercially driven advice on the common legal issues which face businesses, including: compliance with regulations; consumer law issues; contract and lease advice; restraint of trade issues; threatened litigation; debt collection and protecting your intellectual property.

Office Address:
Haven Lawyers, 65 Queen St, Woollahra
2025 Sydney, NSW Australia

Australian Legal Advice Without the Hassle

Insurance Law

Have a dispute with your insurer? I’ve had many years experience dealing with insurance matters and I am well places to help you effectively resolve disputes with insurance companies.

Defamation Law

If you believe someone is defaming you, or are concerned that you may have defamed someone else, I can offer prompt and effective advice to deal with your situation before it gets out of hand. Early action in such matters can make all the difference so don’t delay.

Reviews From Our Valued Clients

Once again, you are always professional and good to work with. I appreciate how you get practical results, are a genuinely moral individual,  and really help people like myself, consistently and without complaint. I have recommended you to friends, and I hope they have the good sense to contact you when they need legal help. --Elizabeth

Your information and advice is thorough and has provided me with the direction Thank you for your great service and I will recommend you to others. --Kevin

Thanks so much for your help - its a great service you run. --Eliza

Thanks for the thorough advice, really appreciate it. --Elmo

Again, many thanks for your valued advice.--Frank

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