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First Consultation –  Initially, we will discuss your matter over the telephone to ascertain the nature of your legal problem and the surrounding circumstances. This allows us to form a preliminary view as to whether we are the right firm to assist you. There is no charge for this initial telephone consultation.

If we believe we can assist, and you wish to engage us, we will usually arrange for a face to face meeting at your home or office to discuss the case in more detail, and explore your options and preferences going forward.  In some cases this will also give us an early opportunity to examine any relevant property/damage/accident scene. Attendance at this face to face meeting is charged at our minimum standard rate.

Following the initial telephone consultation and any agreed face to face meeting, we will send you a brief preliminary advice, estimate of costs going forward, and our written cost agreement for execution.  Whilst there is no charge for the preparation of the cost agreement or cost estimate, the preliminary advice is subject to our minimum standard rate.

Upon your acceptance of the cost agreement, Haven Lawyers will have been formally retained and all future work on your matter is then subject to the terms set out in the cost agreement.

See Our Fees for details of our standard rates and charges.