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The online advice and Q&A service, is here to provide customers with legal advice which is more cost effective, quicker, and more practical than is generally available from traditional law firms. The benefits of this service over more conventional consultations with a traditional firm, are clear:

  • We provide prompt, practical answers, tailored to your specific request, for a fixed and very competitive price. With a traditional law firm you will find they generally won’t provide useful advice until you sign up to an hourly rate (typically hundreds of dollars per hour), meaning you will not know how much their advice will ultimately cost, and may well find you end up paying far more than expected.
  • We strive to ensure our advice reflects your best interests, and because our online advice service is almost completely confined to advice work we have virtually no motive to pressure you into unnecessary legal work. With a traditional firm, you will find that very often advice seems calculated to press you into engaging their firm to do more and more expensive legal work. This can cause considerable mistrust, since their advice may be coloured with clear self interest.
  • We provide our quotations and advice quickly and without keeping you waiting in a reception area. With a traditional firm you may well find yourself wasting your precious time attending appointments and stuck in a waiting room, which is often really just a mechanism to pressure you to sign up to their expensive services in order to avoid going through the process again with some other traditional law firm.

For convenience we include three pre-set question options to allow a faster express service, but for those whose needs don’t fit within the pre set options, or who want to ask some questions before deciding whether to use our services we have a Contact Us page.

Seeking a quotation involves no obligation, so what are you waiting for?


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